Free Visa For Indonesian Passport?



Dilemma.That’s a magic word to express how difficult to be an Indonesian backpacker.So maybe all of you still wonder,what’s wrong with Indonesian passport,huh?Well,let me explain it clearly!

1.Indonesian Passport Rank 69th Globally

What’s that mean bro?Well,it’s mean we only have 24 FREE VISA COUNTRIES in the world to visit brooo….!:0 .If you still don’t understand what’s goin’ on here,let me tell you,from 196 countries in the world there’s only 24 countries that will let us to visit with visa hassle free,so for the rest of this world won’t let us to come without visa,can you imagine we as Indonesian passport holder must apply visa for the rest 174 countries!How Amazing,wawww…Can you imagine how much time and money to wasted about if an Indonesian backpacker want to visit every country in this world?lol


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2.Huge Stash Of Money

A developing country status and low passport power rank,well dude that’s a deadly combo,truly! Everytime we want to apply visa to any developed countries (ex : US,EU,Uk,Japan,etc..) we must show how much money that we have in our bank account,stink huh? At least there’s must be around 2,000$ – 5,000$ for a safe guaranted visa and a short holiday purpose,oh God!

3.Full Tour Itinerary

Still not satisfied with our bank account proof,they also demand our full itinerary tour,otherwise your visa will be canceled and that’s mean you just thrash a 100$ visa application form.Duh!

4.Travel Insurance

A travel insurance? Yes,it’s a must.No travel insurance No visa.It’s simple

Well,now you know how dilemma we are as Indonesian passport holder,if we plan to go abroad to those developed countries and the rest.So,i hope the visa free countries will be updated by the government soon,that day will be the best day for us,Indonesian backpackers!

That’s our story,what about yours?


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